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Attic staircase Type 13 X-Large

Type 13 X-Large

  • Engine room staircase with fire-retardant closure
  • Fire-retardant EI230 tested according to EN1363 and EN1634
  • Extra wide steps allow safe ascent
  • U-value: 1.3 W/m2K
  • Standard frame dimension 140×92 cm
  • Nine different height options: 215-229, 230-245, 240-250, 250-268, 261-275, 275-290, 285-295, 295-317 and 318-340 cm

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The Type 13 X-Large is a machine room staircase with steel scissors and extra-wide steel steps. It has a fire-retardant effect of 30 minutes and is thus classified in class EI230 according to EN 1363 and EN 1634. The U-value of this staircase is 1.3 W/m2K.

Flexible design.

The frame of the Type 13 X-Large has dimensions of 139×91 cm and thus fits into ceiling openings with a length of 140 cm and a width of 92 cm. Depending on your needs, the height of the staircase can be flexibly selected from nine different options. In total, you can achieve room heights between 215 and 340 cm with the Type 13 X-Large.

Sustainable use.

The machine room staircase Type 13 X-Large impresses with its high quality and robustness. The steel scissors and steps are covered with a high-quality powder coating that protects them from corrosion and wear. In addition, the steps are very pleasant and safe to step on as they are 60 cm long and 15 cm deep.

Technical data

Frame size (L x W) 1390 x 910 mm
Ceiling opening size (L x W) 1400 x 920 mm
Floor to ceiling height max. 2150-3400 mm
Basic size 1540-2140 mm

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