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To make the production and use of our stairs as sustainable as possible, we rely on energy from solar power, high-quality materials and logical value chains.

Wenn Nachhaltigkeit von Herzen kommt

“What we do today decides what the world will look like tomorrow”
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

Sustainability has played a major role for Minka ever since the company was founded. To this day, we are always working to make the production and use of our stairs even more sustainable. In recent years, special attention has been paid to the expansion of our in-house photovoltaic systems. As a result, we are already able to cover the majority of our energy needs with solar power. In addition, Minka sources the raw materials and components for the staircases exclusively from Europe and strives to keep delivery distances as short as possible. But the path towards sustainability never ends – our goal is to produce in a completely CO2-neutral manner and to create the best possible eco-balance for our products.


Every free area on the roofs of our company buildings is covered by solar panels. Up to now, we have already been able to cover the absolute majority of our production with pure solar energy. We can now even operate our own electric filling stations with our photovoltaic systems. In this way, we also support the use of electric and hybrid cars by our employees.

Value chain

“Made in China”? That’s a “No” from us. The materials for our products all come from Europe. Most parts are sourced directly from Austria, followed by Germany, Italy, Bosnia, Poland and Finland. At our two locations in Austria, we then process the supplied parts further and pack the finished products. From our central position, we ship our staircases to various hardware stores or directly to our customers.

Energy saving

Our attic staircases have excellent insulation technology and therefore also outstanding thermal insulation values. This prevents heat from escaping from the house to the outside. This is not only beneficial for our customers – who consequently have to heat less – but also for the environment.

High-quality materials

We do not want to support the throwaway culture that is commonplace in many industries today. That’s why we rely on high-quality materials and components that, in the best case, will last a lifetime. Our attic stairs in particular have already served millions of customers well for decades.