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Attic staircase Type 102M

Type 102M

  • Made-to-measure steel scissor staircase with vertical wall access
  • Fire-retardant EI230 tested according to EN1363 und EN1634
  • Optionally also available as EI260 version
  • U-value: 1.3 W/m2K
  • Size options: 90-140 x 70 cm
  • Maximum room height: 3100 mm

 4,597.20 incl. Tax excl. Shipping Costs*


The unique feature of the attic staircase type 102M is that it is created for installation in vertical walls. Since this is a special structural case, the staircase is custom-made exactly for your needs. The U-value of the Type 102M is 1.3 W/m2K.

Flexible design.

The width of the wall entry is 70 cm as standard. For the height, all values between 90 and 140 cm are possible. Therefore, please let us know by e-mail or contact form how large the frame of the wall access needs to be in your case.

The loft ladder type 102M has a fire-retardant effect of 30 minutes and is therefore classified as EI230. On request, however, the fire retardancy can also be increased to 60 minutes – i. e. EI260.

Sustainable use.

The Type 102M ladder consists of strong steel steps held together by steel shears. This allows the ladder to be pulled out and pushed in without much effort. The high-quality powder coating of the ladder ensures that no scratches or wear are visible, even with frequent use.

Technical data

Type 102M
Wall opening length 900-1400 mm
Wall opening height 700 mm
Frame length 890-1390 mm
Frame height 690 mm
Room height max. 3100 mm
Basic size on request


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