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Outdoor staircase Sun Step

Sun Step – 1 step

  • Straight steel staircase for outdoor use
  • Step elements available individually
  • Height can be easily varied by the number of steps
  • No risk of slipping thanks to studded steps
  • All steel parts hot-dip galvanised and therefore extremely resistant to corrosion
  • Railing and mounting kit sold separately
  • Maximum achievable height: 3150 mm

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  • Description

    The straight staircase Sun Step is the perfect way up for outdoor areas. The individually supplied steps are nubbed on the tread, which means there is no risk of slipping when climbing the stairs. Additional stability and safety when going up and down the stairs is provided by the high-quality steel railing with aluminum handrail, which must be ordered separately if desired.

    Flexible design.

    The Sun Step is sold in individual step elements. This means you can easily vary the height by ordering and installing the desired number of steps. In addition, the height of the steps themselves can be varied between 185 and 225 mm. With the maximum number of 13 steps resp. 14 risers, you can thus achieve a height of up to 3150 mm.

    Sustainable use.

    The steps and railing of the outdoor staircase Sun Step are made of hot-dip galvanised steel. This means they can withstand all kinds of weather and are extremely resistant to corrosion and wear and tear.

  • Technical data

    Basic data
    Steps Steel galvanised
    Stair stringers Steel galvanised
    Railing rods Steel galvanised
    Handrail Aluminium powder-coated
    Max. number of steps 13
    Basic size 880 x 240-2880 mm
    Rise per step 185-225 mm
    Max. storey height (with 13 steps / 14 rises) 3150 mm
    Rise angle 46-52°
    Tread depth 220 mm
    Free passage width 700 mm
    Tread thickness 40 mm
    Railing height 900 mm
    Railing rod diameter 22 mm
    Handrail diameter 50 mm
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