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What types of stairs are there?

Minka offers different types of stairs. Generally, a distinction is made between system staircases and attic staircases. System staircases include, for example, our spiral staircases, space-saving staircases and outdoor staircases. The loft stairs differ mainly in material and construction. Here is an overview of the most important features of the various stairs:

  • Spiral staircases: Minka’s product range includes numerous spiral staircases made of wood and metal. Spiral staircases have a so-called spindle in the middle, to which the steps are fixed. The railing is mounted on the outside of the steps.
  • Space-saving staircases: Space-saving staircases are usually used where there is little space available to climb to the next floor. Depending on the model, they can be installed straight, slightly turned or quarter-winded.
  • Outdoor stairs: Only stairs that are explicitly marked as outdoor stairs are suitable for outdoor use. On these models, the steps and railing are galvanised, which makes the materials extremely resistant to environmental influences. Minka has both straight staircases and spiral staircases for outdoor use in its range.
  • Attic stairs: Attic stairs or loft ladders are stairs that are not used all the time and can therefore be folded away after use. They are particularly suitable for climbing up unoccupied rooms such as the attic. Minka offers different types of attic stairs: On the one hand, a distinction must be made between wooden and metal stairs. A special form of metal stairs are so-called scissor stairs. They open via so-called scissors and are easy to pull apart.
  • Flat roof stairs: To climb houses with flat roofs, stairs with a special flat roof exit are needed. The top cover is made of galvanised metal so that the exit is protected from wind and weather.

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