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The spindle tube – also known as the height tube – is the centre section of spiral staircases. The wooden or metal steps are attached to it. The Minka newel tubes are manufactured using laser technology and have prefabricated cut edges. Along these, single rings can simply be broken off the tube with a screwdriver or similar. This means that the height of the spindle tubes and therefore also the rise of the staircase can be flexibly adapted to the room.

Scissor staircase

The scissor staircase is a special type of attic staircase. It consists of steps that are attached to each other by so-called scissors. This makes it possible to pull the stairs out and push them together like an accordion. For this reason, scissor staircases are a good choice if there is no fold-out room or generally little space available.

Stair shoes

Stair shoes are the plastic attachments at the bottom of attic stairs or ladders. They ensure that the wood or metal of the stairs does not wear down and also prevent scratches on the floor.

System staircase

Minka’s space-saving staircases and spiral staircases belong to the category of system staircases. System staircases consist of a modular system – i.e. there are different wood variants, metal colours and sizes that our customers can have put together according to their wishes. The modular system also allows private users to easily assemble their own staircase.

Spiral staircase

With spiral staircases, the steps are attached to a central tube – the so-called spindle. Thus, spiral staircases only have a railing on the outer edge of the steps.

Minka offers a wide variety of spiral staircases with wooden and metal treads and different types of banisters.

Samba stairs

Due to their bevelled shape, the steps of so-called samba stairs can only be stepped on on one side. On the one hand, this makes samba stairs somewhat less comfortable to climb than stairs with straight block steps. But on the other hand, they are also particularly space-saving.

Space-saving staircase

As the name already suggests, space-saving staircases are mostly used in places where there is not so much space. Minka’s space-saving staircases are so-called central stringer staircases, which are particularly flexible in their construction. They can be installed straight and in many cases also slightly turned to the left or right. Moreover, Minka has some quarter-turned space-saving staircases in its range.

Storey height

The storey height is an important value for the selection and installation of system staircases. To determine the storey height, you must measure from the top edge of the floor of a room to the top edge of the ceiling or gallery.