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Height extension

Height extensions are available as an optional extra for most of our space-saving staircases and spiral staircases. You need a height extension if you need to reach a room height that is higher than the standard dimension. When you order a height extension, you get an extra step as well as the extra material for the extended railing.

Please note that you may not install more than a maximum of two height extension elements per staircase. Stability and safety when climbing stairs can no longer be guaranteed if more than two additional steps are installed.


The handrail is the upper part of the railing that you can hold on to with your hand. The handrails of the Minka system staircases are either made of solid wood or high-quality plastic (PVC).

Hatch box

Professionals refer to the rectangular frame of loft ladders, which is installed in the ceiling and in which the staircase remains when folded in, as a hatch box. The length and width of the hatch box must match the dimensions of the ceiling opening. In addition, when buying an attic staircase, you should choose the height of the hatch box according to the measured ceiling thickness. Hatch boxes can be made of wood or MDF. For many hatch boxes, Minka also offers a matching top cover that increases thermal insulation.