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Space-saving staircase Softline


  • Steps and railing made of natural solid spruce wood
  • Milled and screwed steps allow safe ascent and descent
  • Particularly space-saving thanks to samba steps
  • Can already be used from an opening size of 140 x 63 cm
  • Simple height adjustment by cutting
  • Maximum storey height: 2800 mm

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The Softline stringer staircase impresses with a particularly stable structure made of natural solid spruce wood. The 27 mm thick steps, together with the handrail, ensure that you will always reach the next floor safely.

Flexible design.

Thanks to the one-sided samba steps, the Softline is a real space-saver. This staircase can be used in ceiling openings as small as 140 x 63 cm. With the Softline, a maximum floor height of 280 cm can be reached. If you want to climb a lower room, you can simply cut the wooden staircase to the desired length.

Sustainable use.

The Softline space-saving staircase is not only extremely sustainable in production, but also in use. The steps are milled and screwed to the stringers, ensuring safe ascent and descent for decades. Thus you can enjoy climbing the stairs for a very long time.

Technical data

Basic data
Steps Solid spruce raw
Stair stringers Solid spruce raw
Railing Solid spruce raw
Handrail Solid spruce raw
Mounting brackets Steel powdercoated black
Number of steps 13
Basic size 1595 x 627 mm
Max. storey height 2800 mm
Rise per step 200 mm
Angle of incline 60°
Free passage width 570 mm
Tread depth 184 mm
Tread thickness 27 mm
Width of stair stringers 184 mm
Thickness of stair stringers 27 mm
Railing height 900 mm
Thickness of handrail 27 mm

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