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Space-saving staircase Monaco


  • Visually enhances every home with rounded steps and elegant step railing
  • Extra space-saving thanks to samba steps that can be stepped on at one side
  • Steps made of beech wood or stained to a darker walnut look
  • Metal parts powder-coated in black, grey or white
  • Can be mounted straight or turned slightly to the left or right
  • Maximum storey height: 2938 mm

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The space-saving staircase Monaco skilfully combines design with functionality. With its rounded steps and elegant banister, the Monaco space-saving staircase is an extraordinary eye-catcher in your living space. At the same time, it requires extremely little space and can also be installed in very narrow and tight places.

Flexible design.

The Monaco steps, which can be walked on from one side, are available in two different colours. If you like it lighter, you should go for the natural beech wood. The walnut-look stained steps, on the other hand, create a more contrasting and darker look. For the metal parts, you can choose between the colours black, grey and white, depending on your preference. Thanks to Monaco’s flexible metal elements, it can be installed straight or slightly turned to the left or right.

Sustainable use.

The metal of the space-saving staircase Monaco has a high-quality powder coating, which not only enhances the material’s appearance, but also makes it more resistant. This means you don’t have to worry about scratches or wear and tear in everyday use.

Technical data

Basic data
Steps Beech lacquered or beech stained to walnut
Central stringer Steel powder-coated in grey, black or white
Railing rods Steel powder-coated in grey, black or white
Number of steps 12
Basic size 1425 x 635 mm
Max. storey height 2938 mm
Max. storey height with one height extension 3164 mm
Tread depth 210 mm
Rise per step 172-226 mm
Free passage width 600 mm
Tread thickness 35 mm
Railing height 900 mm
Railing rod diameter 22 mm

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