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Height extension Vienna beech black

Height extension for Vienna

  • Additional step for space-saving staircase Vienna
  • Extension of Vienna by 172-226 mm
  • Maximum attainable storey height with one height extension: 3164 mm
  • When purchasing, please ensure that the height extension has the same configuration as your staircase and install a maximum of two height extensions per staircase.

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The height extension for the space-saving staircase Vienna includes an additional step, a support element and one railing rod. If you install these on your staircase, you can extend its height by a few centimetres. Please make sure to match the colour of the height extension to your staircase.

With the height extension, the space-saving staircase Vienna can be extended by 172-226 mm. This allows you to increase the maximum floor height of the Vienna from 2938 mm to 3164 mm.

Please install a maximum of one height extension with this staircase! If two or more additional steps are installed, stability is no longer guaranteed.

Technical data

Basic data
Steps Beech lacquered
Central stringer Steel powder-coated in grey, black or white
Railing rods Steel powder-coated in grey, black or white
Handrail PVC grey, black or white
Number of steps 12
Basic size 1425 x 635 mm
Max. storey height 2938 mm
Max. storey height with one height extension 3164 mm
Tread depth 210 mm
Rise per step 172-226 mm
Free passage width 600 mm
Tread thickness 35 mm
Railing height 900 mm
Railing rod diameter 22 mm
Handrail diameter 40 mm

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