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Flexiblo black


  • Extremely space-saving solid wood staircase
  • Simply slide towards the wall when the stairs are not needed
  • Can already be used from a ceiling opening of 50 x 55 cm
  • Five colour variants: Beech, spruce, oak white, white and black
  • One-sided railing supports safe ascent and descent
  • Maximum storey height: 3000 mm

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If you are looking for a particularly space-saving staircase solution, the solid wood staircase Flexiblo is a great choice. It can be used from a ceiling opening size of 50 x 55 cm. But it is not only suitable for climbing a higher floor, but for example also as a loft bed ladder.

Flexible design.

As the name of the staircase suggests, the Flexiblo staircase offers a high degree of flexibility. For one thing, the fixation to the wall is made in a way that the staircase can be pushed completely against the wall when not in use. This offers even more potential for saving space. For another, you also have a great scope of choice when it comes to the colour of the Flexiblo. Here you can choose between natural spruce or beech wood, a black or white version and a combination of oak treads and white stringers.

Sustainable use.

The Flexiblo space-saving staircase is made of high-quality European wood. The 27 mm thick treads are milled and screwed into the side stringers, which means that they hold very well and achieve a high load-bearing capacity. The one-sided handrail to hold on to provides comfort and additional safety when climbing the stairs.

Technical data

Basic data
Steps beech natural, spruce natural, oak lacquered, spruce white lacquered, spruce black lacquered
Stair stringers beech natural, spruce natural, spruce white lacquered, spruce black lacquered
Handrail beech natural, spruce natural, spruce white lacquered, spruce black lacquered
Angle brackets Steel powder coated white
Visible screws Galvanised steel
Number of steps 12
Basic size 1100 x 580 mm
Max. storey height 3000 mm
Rise per step 235 mm
Angle of incline 70°
Free passage width 500 mm
Tread depth 100 mm
Tread thickness 27 mm
Width of stair stringers 130 mm
Thickness of stair stringers 27 mm
Thickness of handrail 27 mm

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