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Classic Turn L beech

Classic Turn

  • Quarter-turned solid wood stringer staircase
  • Available as right-turned (Classic Turn R) or left-turned (Classic Turn L) version
  • Wood types available: beech and spruce
  • Available with or without railing
  • Pure wood railing or wooden railing with stainless steel bottom rails as optional extras
  • Maximum storey height: 3000 mm

 1,335.60 1,956.00 incl. Tax excl. Shipping Costs*

  • Description

    The space-saving staircase Classic Turn is a special form of the Classic – the distinctive feature of this variant is that it is spiralled by 90 degrees. This means that the Classic Turn allows a pleasant ascent to the next floor even in rooms with narrow corners. In addition, it is made entirely of solid wood, which makes it extremely stable on the one hand and visually appealing on the other.

    Flexible design.

    The Classic Turn can be configured according to various aspects. First of all, you can choose whether you would like the staircase to turn to the left or to the right. For the wood types, you can choose between beech and spruce. The staircase is delivered without a banister, but there are two options: Either you can order a matching banister made entirely of wood or a banister with stainless steel bottom rails.

    Sustainable use.

    Since this space-saving staircase is made of wood, a renewable building material, it scores with a good CO2 footprint right from the start. Furthermore, the material of the Classic Turn comes from Europe and has not yet travelled halfway around the world until it is used in your home.

  • Technical data

    Basic data
    Steps Solid beech or spruce
    Stair stringers Solid beech or spruce
    Handrail Solid beech or spruce
    Railing Wooden railing with stainless steel bottom chords or pure wooden railing
    Version 1/4 turned to the left or right
    Number of steps 14
    Basic size 2970 x 850 mm
    Max. storey height 3000 mm
    Rise per step 200 mm
    Angle of incline 45°
    Free passage width 800 mm
    Tread depth 230 mm
    Tread thickness 30 mm
    Width of stair stringers 220 mm
    Thickness of stair stringers 30 mm
    Railing height 900 mm
    Diameter of handrail for bottom chord railing 50 mm
    Thickness of handrail for wooden railing 55 x 55 mm
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