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Space-saving staircase Boras


  • Stringer staircase in natural spruce wood
  • Can already be used from a ceiling opening of 175 x 63 cm
  • Milled and screwed steps ensure safe ascent and descent
  • Wooden railing on one side
  • Simple height adjustment by cutting
  • Maximum storey height: 2800 mm

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The space-saving staircase Boras made of solid wood requires very little space despite full-surface steps. It can already be installed in ceiling openings from a size of 175 x 63 cm, but is extremely comfortable to walk on at the same time.

Flexible design.

The staircase Boras convinces not only with its functionality, but also with its beautiful appearance. It is made of solid spruce wood, which is not varnished for a natural look. This makes it easy for DIY enthusiasts to try their hand at wood painting, varnishing and staining.

In total, the Boras space-saving staircase can be used to reach a storey with a height of up to 280 cm. For lower room heights, it can simply be shortened with the help of a saw.

Sustainable use.

The 27 mm thick spruce treads are milled into the side stringers and are firmly screwed into place during assembly. This way, they withstand heavy loads and enable a safe and comfortable ascent and descent. The one-sided wooden handrail, which is included in the delivery of the stairs, ensures additional safety when walking on them.

Technical data

Basic data
Steps Solid spruce raw
Stair stringers Solid spruce raw
Railing Solid spruce raw
Handrail Solid spruce raw
Mounting brackets Steel powdercoated black
Number of steps 13
Basic size 2033 x 630 mm
Max. storey height 2800 mm
Rise per step 200 mm
Angle of incline 53°
Free passage width 570 mm
Tread depth 163 mm
Tread thickness 27 mm
Width of stair stringers 163 mm
Thickness of stair stringers 27 mm
Railing height 900 mm
Thickness of handrail 27 mm

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