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Stair gate Annika


  • Swing gate made of high-quality solid wood
  • Width flexibly adjustable from 69.5-106.5 cm
  • 77 cm height
  • Can be fixed in door frames or at the top or bottom of stairs
  • Can be mounted by clamping on both sides or with one-sided wall mounting
  • Suitable for children up to 2 years

 110.40 incl. Tax excl. Shipping Costs*


The safety gate Annika is ideal for protecting the upper or lower edge of the stairs, but it can also be used in door frames without any problems. Thanks to the flexibly adjustable width, the Annika model fits in openings from 69.5 to 106.5 cm. You also have flexible options when it comes to mounting – you can either clamp the grille on both sides or fix it to the wall on one side.

The security door Annika is made of high-quality Hevea wood and scores with high stability. With a height of 77 cm, it is suitable for protecting children under two years of age as well as pets. These remain in the safe space, while the safety gate can be easily opened by adults.

Technical data

Width 69,5-106,5 cm
Height 77 cm
Material Hevea wood

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