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MINKA - the world of stairs

Minka is today one of the world leading staircase manufacturers. Million home owners rely on the quality and longevity of Minka stairs since more than 60 years. Whether space saving stairs, spiral staircases, loft ladders, insulated and fireresistant, or child safety doors, a Minka product you buy for life.

Development and production

The success of Minka is based not only on the "development of the loft ladders" but also on the high priority for the use of wear-resistant and thus durable materials in the production.

A high qualified team, using the latest technologies, ensures compliance with the strictest safety and quality standards. Economic optimization, perfect isolation technology, high security and customer-oriented design are continuous requirement criteria for the production.

The company's research and development department is constantly working on new technologies, more efficient materials and more automated processing facility.         

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