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1952 Franz Janner developed for his own use a loft ladder with a “fold away” stair. This prototype originated the idea of offering this product for sale. Several details of the prototype have been patented and a further development of the product started.

Shortly after the development of the first loft ladder, a family business was carried out under the brand name "MINKA" in the province of Vorarlberg. The production and sales were carried out at the beginning exclusively by the family members Ernst Janner sen., Rosa Janner and Franz Janner.

The first loft ladders have been produced manually with simplest tools. The loft ladder bekame fast very popular by homebuilders. The production side became after a few years too small.

Therefore the production was moved in 1956 to its present location and an ongoing extension of the company started. Both production volumes and the number of employees increased continously.

In 1972 MINKA was once again the pioneer of a new generation of loft ladders: the fire-resistant metal loft ladder. In the course of this development, a powder coating plants was established for the surface finishing of the metal parts. In the following years the powder coating department developed into a job-shop powder coating.

Constantly new products have been developed and new markets developed in the loft ladder and stair department. The powder coating department has been greatly expanded.

2010, an additional production side in Kindberg was established for the further development of the system staircase production.
Today, MINKA is one of the world's largest manufacturers of staircase kits and loft ladders

More than 120.000 MINKA staircases are produced annually and delivered worldwide in over 40 countries.